Monday, August 8, 2011

The Education System...Another Epic Failure!!!

A few days ago, it was recommended by my neighbor that I read this article and write my personal opinion on it...even though the article in question is also an opinion based article.

After reading this article, I can conclude that I am definitely not the only one who believes that the government is intentionally making people feel weak. Not only are Americans becoming vulnerable, but we are also beginning to accept the way things are because we believe that the situation is beyond our understanding. This is only the case because we are only given so much information through media outlets and through politicians themselves. The problem with this is that we are left to draw our own conclusions, much like children when they are given the "because I said so" response from their parents. We are left to accept what is, but still question why it is this way.

The article, written by an individual named Bruce E. Levine, introduces a different angle. He digs deeper by targeting children and how they are educated, as well as how behavior issues are resolved, the acceptance of student loan debt and a number of other areas. Simply put, these days our children are being brainwashed from an early age to accept everything for what it is. It is no longer acceptable to be a creative, free thinker. It is now an expectation to become a robot. They are expected to learn and behave a certain way.

Young adults have usually been considered the free thinkers: the ones to challenge authority and push boundaries; the ones who see how things work today and know they can make it better for the future. This is no longer the case. They fear this approach will reflect negatively on them. This is yet another way that the government is winning the war over the control of this nation, and we are letting them have their way. Their claim is that they are helping the children: there are not leaving any kids behind. The reality is they are finding every way to gain oversight over everything. The more control they have, the weaker we become.

I will not say anymore about the aforementioned article. Go ahead and read it. There is some pretty awesome information in it. It's also pretty depressing when you realize that our children are being subjected to the greatest injustice compared to everyone else.

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