Thursday, August 4, 2011

We've Heard The Same Thing Over, and Over, and Over...


I think I heard the word I hate most (bipartisan) about 10 times today, and every time I absolutely cringed with disgust. I will give Congress this much: two sides did come together and - despite their differences - came to an agreement to push the debt plan through. There are two problems with this though. First, they chose to support a bill which 1) they hastily passed with no real support for it in the first place, and 2) they passed a plan that not only does virtually nothing to reduce our deficit, but virtually guarantees that we will have at least a 22 trillion dollar deficit in ten years...THANK YOU CONGRESS AND MR. PRESIDENT!!! Second, once the bill was passed, you had both sides pointing the finger at each other again! President Obama was at the forefront, once again using the past to fuel present day arguments (I find this to be a huge cop out because of the simple fact that a great deal of the economic woes we are experiencing today are as a direct result of this administration's knee-jerk reactions).

So, back to the finger least, that is what the government has decided to revert to. Republicans are generally pointing fingers at the democratic party as a whole. The Democrats have decided to opt with the tact of narrowing down the blame to a portion of Republicans, The Tea Party. To top it off, I have heard a great deal of name calling from both ends; I will have to admit, the Republicans have been on more the receiving end. Not only are fingers being pointed like five-year-olds, but now I feel like I am watching a bunch of adolescents on television trying to diss each other to improve their credibility amongst their peers.

And if that wasn't enough - while the blame game is being played by our elected politicians in Washington, D.C. - the stock market has plummeted to levels not seen since 2008 post recession (at least, it was perceived that we were coming out of the is my opinion - as well as millions of others, I'm sure - that there was no true recovery from the recession and that we will most likely not recover for another 3 years at least!) as a result of abysmal revenue reports. It appears that we are not yet done with the drop in stock considering the poor job forecast due to be released tomorrow. I mean, seriously, what is it going to take for our government to WAKE THE HELL UP?! President Obama's solution: contact your state congressmen/women. What good is that going to do if you as well as your democratic constituents have made it clear that you will not work with Republicans?! What good will it do if Republicans have made it clear that they are going to do everything in their power to disrupt the Democratic agenda?! It will do not any good whatsoever!!!

Our words have fallen over the deaf ears of politicians for years. It is obvious because you could have gone over two years without watching the news, decided to watch the news today and will likely hear the same words coming out of politicians mouths as you did over two years ago! President Obama is still blaming the Bush administration for the problems we have been experiencing to date...HE HASN'T BEEN IN OFFICE FOR ALMOST THREE FLIPPING YEARS!!! The Republicans have been blaming the democrats for irresponsible spending...THANKS FOR STATING THE OBVIOUS!!! DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!! Some people will say the Republicans made the Democrats flinch in this debt plan, but I completely disagree. How is reducing our deficit by a measly two trillion dollars in 10 years going to offset the additional 10 trillion the government is already in the process of spending?! It will do nothing to help!

What good does it do us to contact our congressmen/women when we are so politically divided that we may as well become the Union and Confederate States all over again?! I have said it before, and I will say it again and again until I am heard or the right eyes come upon this blog: the political divide in the government has flooded over to the American people. We now hate each other because of our political skin color! I hate you because your RED!!! I hate you because you're BLUE!!! We are becoming just like the politicians who are running this country, yet we don't realize that we share one extremely important interest that sits above all others: WE WANT AMERICA BACK!!! We waste our breath arguing that Democrats are wrong or Republicans are wrong...EVERYONE IS WRONG!!! We are in this position because no one wants to work together to create an outcome that benefits everyone! If you want to reduce our debt, cut spending by a trillion dollars per year! Completely reform the Tax Code, repeal Obamacare, bring our troops home, stop outsourcing so many jobs overseas, cut defense spending, and for goodness sake...STOP DUPLICATIVE SPENDING!!!

Unfortunately, our politicians will never be willing to work together to create such a result. That is, unless we suddenly decide to really look at who it is we are voting for. I almost think that it would be better to vote for politicians who are less known: politicians who have less affiliations and possess fresh ideas. We have played the broken record over and over for the past half century or more, and only once or twice did it accidentally play all the way through. It is time for us to play a different tune, one we know will play all the way through to the end; one we know everyone will equally enjoy. The politicians of tomorrow cannot mirror the ones of today. The less affiliated our future politicians are, the more likely they will be to work together.

I still have faith that America can rebound and once again be the greatest, most powerful country in the world. However, it takes us, THE PEOPLE, to come together and make it happen. We must unite, regardless of political affiliation, race, sexual orientation, religion, financial status and any other barriers one can think of. The people above us WANT us to be divided. It is when we are divided when we are truly the most vulnerable and susceptible to the government's wrath. Imagine how powerful - outright invincible - we would be if we came together as a country and said "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!" This is a time where we must set aside our differences and realize that disaster does not discriminate. In a disaster/catastrophe, everyone suffers.

It is the repeated antics, sales pitches, blaming, party politics and all other thing government related that has brought us to the position we are in today. You know WE can all do something about it...TOGETHER!!!

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